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Surgery Hairdressing

Kevin Murphy Scalp.Spa Brush

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Massage and exfoliate the scalp with this unique scalp brush. 

With a distinctive ergonomic and eco-conscious design, it fits effortlessly into your hand and allows you to gently massage and exfoliate the scalp. Made with natural soft rubber cushioning and ball-tipped bristles, it stimulates and boosts cleansing, making it ideal for removing product build up, invigorating the scalp and encouraging a healthy scalp. Give yourself an at-home salon scalp massage with this must-have scalp brush!

Key benefits

  • Scalp brush
  • Gently exfoliates the scalp
  • Massages the scalp
  • Stimulates and invigorates 
  • Ergonomic and eco-conscious design
  • Made with natural soft rubber
  • Features ball-tipped bristles to invigorate the scalp
  • Great for use in the shower when washing the hair

How to use Kevin Murphy SCALP.SPA BRUSH

  1. Gently massage the scalp in circular motions
  2. Massage from root to tip
  3. Ideal for use in the shower when washing the hair
  4. Rinse after use to remove any unwanted product or residue